Mission, Vision and Values


We’re a non-profit organization that exists to encourage, educate, and evangelize young single moms with the Gospel of Christ

img-mission16 million teens will find out their pregnant this year. 16 million. That means right this second there are millions of young moms experiencing the hardships, pain, and loneliness of single parenting. Thousands are devastated over their inability to provide dinner for their baby tonight. Hundreds are hopeless enough to embrace a lifestyle that eventually leads to death.

Ema Ministries is called by God to shed light on a crisis and be a tool in restoring broken homes across the world. We believe that only one thing can heal brokenness and that’s the Gospel of Christ. We exist to encourage young single moms with hope and love, educate with truth and discipleship, and evangelize with the Word of God.

Our name, Ema, means “mother” in the Hebrew language. Ema is a term that reflects deep meaning since the beginning of Creation. Throughout the Bible we see historical mothers in the Old Testament represent undivided care, nurture, sacrifice, and love for their families. We envision those moms throughout their day hearing their little ones call for “Ema”. The term Ema had such significance and was often heard in a home. A mother’s role and value has never changed, but our generation’s focus has. Ema Ministries is committed to restoring the meaning of “Ema” and leading mothers, babies, and families to the only solid foundation, Christ Jesus.


To transform the heart of every young single mom to love God and love others

9N4A4479We’re dedicated to the solution of transforming lives by meeting needs, educating, and discipling young single moms towards healthy and Christ-like living.

Our desire is to engage followers of Christ and the local church to effectively impact the lives of mothers and babies across the world. With proper resources, collaborative networking, and relevant biblical messages we believe that anyone in the body of Christ can join with us in reaching and transforming the life of every mother and baby.

As we touch the hearts of young single moms in this generation, the destinies of fatherless children are impacted. May this generation be a pivotal tool in ending the cycle of fatherlessness by discipling every young single mom to love the Lord with all of their heart, soul, mind, and strength and their neighbor as themselves.


  1. Teaching and living out the absolute Gospel of Christ
  2. Holding fast to our mission and vision under the authority of the infallible, inerrant, and inspired Word of God
  3. Believing and moving in the wisdom and power of the Holy Spirit
  4. Discipling young mothers and their children towards loving God and loving others
  5. Exhorting spiritual maturity and growth in all staff and volunteers
  6. Networking with faith-based organizations and churches around the world in order to reach more mothers and babies for the Kingdom of God
  7.  Serving all young mothers around the world regardless of their culture, background, social, or economic status
  8. Finding volunteers who share the same values and common purpose of Ema Ministries
  9. Standing in the gap for the weak and the fatherless
  10. Leading in the power of prayer 

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