We have heard, seen, and experienced hundreds of stories that we know you’ll find inspiring. Every life in Ema is a testimony of the Lord gently leading those with young. It’s because of your support that these stories are made possible.

Featured Story… Meet Alisha

It was a busy month for our Ema Group. We had a lot of drama with the girls and crisis situations arise that required more attention, prayer, and energy. In that same week, one of the moms in the program told me over and over again to visit an 18-year-old single mom in the neighborhood. Her name was Alisha and she wanted me to invite her to the Ema Group. I was told she had a two-year-old daughter and was 9 months pregnant with her second. Having my plate full, I failed to make the time to reach out to her. There were many moms that were on the waiting list to be in our already full program. I couldn’t think about taking on another mom.

That same week I received an email from a young woman in my church, Brandie, asking about serving as a mentor in Ema. She said God spoke to her and told her to and she couldn’t ignore His voice any longer. My mind raced back to Alisha, and I thought this mentorship pair would be a perfect match. That Tuesday was scheduled to be Alisha’s first week at Ema. Brandie came ready and excited to meet this mom that God so clearly called her to. Oddly enough, Alisha was nowhere to be found. Later that night it was brought to our attention that Alisha had gone into labor the night before. It was 2:00 AM when Alisha delivered her 5 lb, 7 ounce baby girl as a stillborn. Alisha was 18-years-old and experiencing the deep pain, suffering, and agony of loosing a child. She was devastated, heart-broken, angry, confused, and hurting. Alisha was alone in the maternity wing that day. With tears streaming down her cheeks, she kissed goodbye the face of her tiny newborn daughter.

Brandie committed to Alisha and never took no for an answer. Alisha attended Ema week until the end of the term. In just three months of mentoring, loving, and befriending … Brandie became a hero in Alisha’s life. The two were became family to each other. They talked about life, the good, the bad, and the ugly. They opened up to one another as Brandie challenged and endlessly encouraged her with all biblical insight and wisdom. A new light took place in Alisha’s eyes. She asked questions, laughed, cried, pleaded for forgiveness, and committed her life to the Lord. Brandie graduated college and had to move back home several states away. Alisha’s God given blessing was removed from her life after three short months. But, this time Alisha wasn’t angry or hurting. She was thankful. She had never been loved and supported so well by someone before. Brandie invested into a life of a young single mom and loved her endlessly. She held nothing back, and she gave Alisha the greatest gift of all, the gift of life in Christ.

Charlee Tchividjian

Founder, Director of Ema Ministries

Young moms are being impacted through Ema.

“This group got me through my pregnancy and beyond. They were there for emotional support and helped me to figure things out as I left a lifestyle of partying. I was in a panic and not sure what to do until I joined and met people that really care about me and my child’s futures.” – Rebecca

“Being in this group made me realize I’ve fallen off the path with God. I’m around people I can relate to who are encouraging me to go church and influence me in positive ways.” – Marcia

“My group changed my life. I was around other girls going through the same thing who accepted me and. God plugged me in to the support and now we all are walking through raising our kids together. It means so much to me that my mentor was there for me – praying for me as a mom and checking to see how I’m doing. God used my pregnancy to really break me and now I can use my story to help others.” – Jenna

“All of the mentors took me in with open arms and supported me. I could connect with women who have been through what I’m going through as a young mom in crisis. They showed me how to keep my eyes fixed on the Lord because He is in control.” – Jamie

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