Ema Bags


It’s possible that young single moms go all year without ever hearing “Thank you” or “You’re doing an incredible job!” Through a Ema Bag, you are taking the time to personally encourage a young mom and thank her for choosing life.

We’ve provided two ways for you to impact lives.

9N4A44571. Host an outreach

Every year on the weekend before Thanksgiving and Mother’s Day, local churches will be running Ema Bag Outreaches. The Ema Bag’s can be filled by your congregation with the care items found on the complete “How to Fill an Ema Bag” instruction guide. Give your church an opportunity to bless, encourage, and minister to the single moms in your local inner city in three simple steps.

  1. Order Ema bags. Once you’re order is approved, you will be sent the Ema bags with a complete “Ema Bag Outreach” instruction guide. Don’t worry, we’ve done all of the planning for you.
  2. Fill them up. Set up a table and have your church take, pack, and bring it back the following week. Each bag will have instructions inside with necessary and prohibited items to put inside the bag.
  3. Hand them out. Have your congregation sign-up to participate in the outreach. Go to low income, government housing, or trailer park communities and give a Ema bag to every mom you see. Thank her for choosing life, ask her how you can be praying for her, and invite her to your next church service.

2. Make a Donation - 

All donations will go towards operation, development, start-up expenses, and ministry. Click here to make a tax-deductible donation.

If you want to learn more about hosting or sponsoring Ema Bags, contact us at (954) 547-3151 or email us at charlee@emaministries.org.

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